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Miscellaneous Writings



All the great breakthroughs in Christianity did not begin as a denomination, but rather a break away from the shroud of man's religiousness. In order for the Spirit of God to flow abundantly, of which we have seen great occasions of the moving of God. Such as the Wesley brothers. The great Azusa Street Revival and The Reformation.


Unfortunately, despite the lesson to be learned by the people of God that the moving of the Holy Spirit did not manifest until those men and women walked away from denominations, by opening their hearts to the Lord for the revelation of the Truth and not the governing of men. However, they too, soon establish themselves as a denomination while blindly bringing to halt the flow of the Holy Spirit.


Today, many are clinging to their past history as a validation of their denomination. Without anything to show for the present, they have stopped, or (revert) the flow of the Holy Spirit by separating themselves within the body of Christ, through the establishment of denominations. Nevertheless, though they are dry and deserted, but the water of life is still flowing to the unknown desert places. Springing forth new life. Some big, some small, but all unitarily proclaiming the good news. Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, the Light. The answer for all humanity.





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