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Miscellaneous Writings

Victory in Defeat

The reap of success in failure.
The fulfillment of the Christian’s desire by Grace.

With almost half of the world population as Christians, or more, for we know not all, saved God alone, he knows the heart. To those who truly understand what it is to be a Christian, they will live their lives as a believer. This is the core of their fellowship with God because they believe, and nothing will ever change that.

The called of the Christian, or the pathway of the fellowship with God, is that of seeing what we didn’t see before. Understanding that which was once the unknown, through this, a life is changed. This is the born-again experience. Seeing clearly, and to understand, this is progressive, meaning we continue to see clearly, with a better understanding.

When we see, but no longer continue to see more clearly. Or we once understood, but no longer continue to understand. This is the stage of stagnation, but the Christian’s life should be the progression of understanding and truth. There are many who believe, yet they live a life of struggle. The absent of rest in their lives, through emotional agitation, fear, and the doing of that which we don’t want to do, yet we find ourselves failing in an attempt to do the right thing. The mind is willing, but the will to do that which is right is absent.


Considering God is the giver of Salvation, shall we not expect Him to work in us that which is good through the process of Sanctification? We couldn’t save ourselves, how can we make ourselves whole through Sanctification?

Though not all believers are familiar with the term above, but the problem is the same among many. The desire for a victory, ends with a defeat. The plan for success turns into failure. 

The beginning of the answer of the discussion, is thus summed up in the passage of the Scriptures, found in Romans 12:1, “a living sacrifice.” A strange terminology, for how can a sacrifice be alive? A closer study of the phrase will give the reader a better understanding. However, true understanding is when that which is understood is enacted. The idea of a living sacrifice is to surrender our will to the Lord. As a sacrifice, we give ourselves, our will power and our abilities, and the desire of the flesh. The flesh is the personal ability and the will of the individual. This in itself isn’t wrong, but our will must be made conformable to God's will. This is only done through the sacrifice of self, spiritually speaking. 

As an artist, my paintings and drawings were without a meaning because my paintings were based on my ability and will, but with Christ, the artworks are meaningful. Moreover, He has given me the words to express the meaning behind the works and the idea thereof.


The struggle of the flesh in us is different with individuals, but the agony of defeat is the same. Without defeat, the defeat of our will, there can be no victory. Without the acknowledgment of failure on our part, there can be no success from above.


Therefore, let us by faith submit our will to Christ, so that the Holy Spirit can work in us that which is good. Then can we say; my will is dead. It is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me. His victory shall be shared with me, and my success shall be by His command. For what He has blessed, no man can curse.



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