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Dear Black America

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

If we cannot see what lies ahead by the determination to succeed through adversity, then the motivation to succeed is replaced with skepticism for society and our fellow men. There isn’t perfection in society, or in men and neither is perfection found in any of us. If we can never let go of the past, then the future is never in reach. Letting go of the past means letting go of the wrong did to us as a people and the mistake we as people had made, by learning to make the wrong of the past the opportunity for a change, lest we are consumed with hate. Therein, the victim becomes the enemy and a hindrance to themselves.

As the cities of the United States are burned and our media echo the cries of equality, are we as Black America willing to make things right with the Africans? During the mid-1800s, Free Slaves sought total freedom from the White man by forming an all Black free state on the soil of the motherland in Africa. This was the great migration of Blacks in America returning to Africa. Upon landing on the shores of Africa, the first location was named Freetown, what is today in the country of Sierra Leone. The final settling place was a piece of land on the West Coast of Africa, 88 times smaller than the United States. This land was named by the Free Slaves, Liberia; denoting freedom, liberty, and justice for all. However, soon thereafter, Black Free Slaves took to themselves the native Africans as their slaves.

Upon words returning to the mainland of the United States of this act, Black Americans soon referred to the individuals kept as slaves as “house boy and house girl”

They aren’t slaves they said, they work for us and we feed them. Black Americans later constructed one of the major neighborhoods in Liberia, named after a city in the State of Rhode Island, USA. This neighborhood was called Providence Island. Every home was upscale with a personal waterfront view. Social distancing was strongly observed between the native Africans and the Black Americans, unless the native Africans were serving as the manual engine to their boats of transportation and recreation.

Over time, as the Africans learn to read and write they sought equality, sometimes through force, but they were swiftly crushed through the modernized weapon of that era. Many Black Americans abandon the country of Liberia they have built as a land of liberty. Today it is one of the poorest, underdeveloped nations in the world, while other commonwealths of the United States flourish, like Puerto Rico.

Today, as Black Americans, we support our interest of cause within the United States, but the land we built, we have forsaken and turn our backs on its people. The calls for justice no longer echo in places in Africa where Black Americans once ruled. Now, here in the United States, most Black activist groups call for the removal of all Confederate history of the United States, such as markings, statutes, and the likes. Even Christopher Columbus, all things concerning him must be wiped out from History, the activist groups demand.

Meanwhile, one of our own, Matilda Newport of the State of Georgia, along with others, having acquired and established a Colonized Society in Africa through gunboat diplomacy, the act of ostentatiously displaying military might toward the natives of the land as a sign to obey or be destroyed. Newport went on to be hailed as a folk hero for lighting up a cannon upon the Native Africans, to defend the land taken from the Natives through force. As most in Black America points out the wrongdoing of the White man in early America toward the Native tribes of America, we however hail one of our own. Matilda Newport a pipe smoking folk hero who lit up the cannon with the coal from her pipe to wipe out the displaced native people. We demanded their dependency on us and when they had no other choice, but to comply, we abandoned them for the comfort of these United States.

If Black America failed so miserably to maintain a land 88 times smaller than these United States, what shall we make of the United States if it is in our hands?

The young Black activist will say:

  • I had nothing to do with what my ancestors did before me and their failure in Africa, and heck, I never even been to Africa. You can’t blame me for that!

So then, why should Black America blame White America today for the atrocity of Slavery, White Americans today had nothing to do with Slavery?

The young Black activist replied:

  • There is a difference, White America today institute society in a way that oppresses Black people.

Well, the effect of a failed state in Africa by Black Americans is still a reality today. Those areas they once colonized and then abandon, are some of the poorest, and most underdeveloped places in the world. Let us not forget because of that; one of those locations was the epicenter of the Ebola virus which killed so many. Also, for the lack of leadership the places colonized and abandoned by Black Americans, it created a vacuum which became a portal of wars in Africa from the late 80s to the 2000s and now with the result of joblessness and crime.

Aren’t we as Black America responsible for bringing about a change there? How many of us contributed to the UMass Memorial Medical Center during the outbreak of Ebola in Liberia? For this institute was one of the spearheads in the medical fight against the virus.

The young Black activist pause and rebuttal:

  • Robert Finley was a White man who founded the American Colonization Society, and his plan of encouraging Blacks to establish themselves was the means of getting rid of Blacks in America.

First of all, no Blacks boarded those colonizing ships as a Slave, they were all free to go, or not go, and upon the establishment of Providence Island in Africa, it was dubbed the first non-African settlement in Liberia.

How is this important? Instead of the Black Americans integrating the Africans with the success and wealth from the United States, they separated themselves from the native of the land, their own ancestors. Hence, their settlement was referred to as a “non-African settlement” In fact, the American Colonization Society, had no influence upon the Black Americans that they should mistreat their ancestors in Africa. At this point in History, White people couldn’t travel to survive in that part of the world, it was called the White man’s graveyard. Most of all whites who attempted, they died upon the arriver due to the condition of the untamed land through malaria and other obstacles.

The opportunity for a lasting change is for all people to acknowledge the wrong, of which we all have some and reach out to those who are willing to make it right, of which there are many. Then the good will ultimately outshine the bad. Until then, when we see bad in others, let it be a reminder to examine OURSELVES.

Another famous Black American once said through his lyrics:

I'm starting with the man in the mirror

I'm asking him to change his ways . . .

If you want to make the world a better place

Take a look at yourself, and then make a change.

It is better to earn equality through a humble spirit than through strife. Therein, those who succeed are respected rather than fear as an adversary of society. For where there is an adversary, rest assured someone somewhere is planning to take down the adversary.

Let not our physical attributes determine our inward motives or presumption of others.

For God has made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth . . . Acts 17:26

The wickedness of men is not predicated on how he looks, but the heart of the individual that is without constraint is uncontrollable in causing harm to others.

If God is above all, we as individuals are aware that we are all equal in the presence of God. However, we lived in a society and the day and age where people of faith are considered buffoons. We teach our young ones that there is no God, yet we are shocked when the child turns adult and commit a hideous crime. For if there is no God, then there is no greater accountability, men and women will do as they see fit.

Schools across the United States no longer discipline Black students, their excuse? It would seem racist to do so.

Most of those undisciplined students will grow into men, but men who do not realize they are men because no one told them it was time to step up as men. Therefore, they act as children toward women by forsaking their responsibility and causing hurt to women. Instead of society addressing the problem of discipline and the lack of respect for all races, society instead looks at the symptom, gender inequality. Society then uses female empowerment, a good cause, but a wrong solution. Empowering women without first fixing the problem of “idiot men,” only makes the woman more of a target to a man who doesn’t respect the gender. Yet society continues to build the next generation without discipline and love for the lack of morality. Modern society hates Christians, since Christians teach morality, modern society must ignore the 10 Laws of the Christian faith, even if it is in their best interest.

As our society crumbles before our eyes, the very building blocks are dismantled piece by piece. This building block is the family. It has been replaced with “I”

The togetherness of love is a building block of society called the family. Without which, society is a collection of parts. Together, but not united, but with the family we are reminded of who we are, by respecting what we are a part of we cherish what we are. Therefore, we are willing to defend what we have, not by might, but the refusal to allow friction between our family and ultimately the society we are a part of.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Said Abraham Lincoln

What the enemy of the United States had sought to do for ages and failed, to see the destruction of the United States:

Now, the enemies of the United States are watching and licking their chops as Americans destroy themselves from within. We want change? Change will come all right, but if the change is not obtained together as a nation, that change will be the end of who we are as a people.



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Rene Abenzer
Rene Abenzer
19 juin 2020

We desperately need unity now, just like it is shown in one of your paintings "Division unrest barren to life"


11 juin 2020


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