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Whew, the Art Gallery is redone, And it is looking good, I will say. 😊

Check it out when you can. From a desktop and a mobile.

Three new paintings are added, well some of you have seen the third.

There is still more that I will post, but now it is time to shift my attention to a self portrait. Something I rarely do, but it will be special for this month personal event.

It will be based on the picture some of you have already seen.

Also, the Ekphrasis is now available, for the Thanksgiving Painting, Press-Free Ville.

It is lengthy, but you will understand why. There are a lot of details in there.

Part 6 of the "Dawn Of A People" is now in the gallery too.

A new extension was added to the Gallery as well. (Top right)

Other small details were made, other than the new heading change.

Have a blessed weekend. Thanks for your interest and support, God bless you.

Grace Nightingale


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