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Which do you have in your home and consume the most?

Which do you consume the most?

  • 0%Salt

  • 0%Sugar

  • 0%None

There will be an upcoming post and discussion concerning this. Absolutely impressive insights.

N’Tasha Rivera
Jan 30

I can't remember the last time I bought granulated sugar I think maybe about 4 years I bought some raw cane sugar to consume sporadically then stored it for beauty purposes like to make wax. Salt makes me swollen at least it did one time when I was younger and ever since I avoid salt even when cooking I rarely use it. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I can't answer the poll because regardless of my effort sugar is found in almost everything they add it to products and I would say that goes for sodium too. And unless you're cooking from scratch it's hard to avoid. I try to purchase organic and what not but still I think it's added. I read once that sugar gives women manly features and that it was never really meant for consumption. I wouldn't know how to answer the poll without lying. I try to avoid both as much as possible but to say none that would be lying.



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