Jul 30, 2018



Lately I've had this sad, guilty feeling about killing insects, bugs etc. I know many can be a nuisance but recently it's like I've become more aware, acknowledged that they are created by God also, that they are living creatures etc and I feel so guilty about taking life away 😞. I know bugs, insects etc don't compare to pets such as dogs and cats but will they also have a place when everything is restored?

Jul 31, 2018

Originally, God didn’t create anything to carry in its body infestation, poison, the transmission of diseases, or contamination upon contact. In the account of creation found in Genesis, the phrase “it was good,” was used by God 10 times, denoting that which He made was good, meaning, to bring glory to Him and for the benefit of mankind.


Now, a cockroach for an example, currently carries in its body diseases. The infestation of this insect and the likes does not bring glory to God, and its risk of causing illness toward man, is not beneficial to humanity.


Although they were made by God, but for the most part that which you see today is not what He once made. Most insects are no longer functioning in the original purpose like they were at the dawn of creation.


So, until all things are restored in the future by God, until then, the disposing of things that could harm us, isn’t wrong. However, the way in which we get rid of them could be carried out in a humane approach, as a reminder, someday we will see creation in its true intent according to the will of God.


Jul 31, 2018

Amen, "one day we will see creation in its true intent, according to the will of God." I guess I was talking about the nice ones like butterflies, etc but yes, you're right, all those pesky ones don't bring glory to God.

My initial reaction was I exterminate them without hesitation. But the explanation made me to pause and think about it. And @pink I don't think butterfly harm anyone, unless they change to something weird on my wall.

Aug 1, 2018

Yea, the part that says "humane way" made me think of natural ways of getting rid of pest, etc. And butterflies are pretty and I don't purposely kill them but you know sometimes when you drive etc? 😒 😊