Jul 7, 2018

Feet Washing?


Today there was communion at my church and they practice feet washing. I participated but I wasn't sure if I should because I remembered your post about feet washing. And I re-read it just now to refresh my memory. Your last sentence is this, "If any men mimic the washing of feet for a religious purpose; it is without a value, but a mere publicity deception."


Does that apply in all cases? Because I don't believe my participation was motivated by a publicity stunt, I mean, I told God, "God I don't know if this offends you but please accept my heart" before I did it. I guess I want to understand if you said that last sentence because it offends God, as we cannot wash anyone's sin or because religious leaders have made it a "tradition" and lost its purpose etc? I hope my question makes sense.


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Your question is understandable and important, there are times we do things without an affirmation that God is a part of it. Yet, we carry on for the sake of not being ostracized by others, especially those who are older than we are or, those in a leadership position. Nevertheless, this does not justify the act as right, if it is Scripturally wrong.


What reason was this practice of feet washing predicated upon?


It is understandable when certain things are done as an illustration to open up the teaching. Like a preacher bringing a slingshot to show its simplicity to the congregation. Nevertheless, by the anointing of God, a simple object as a slingshot in the hands of a believer served as a giant killer.


However, if a leader in a church is advocating the members carry with them a slingshot to outwardly show they are an overcomer, this will be wrong. To be an overcomer and have victory over sin, it is done through the Blood of the Lamb. They overcame through the Blood of the Lamb. (Revelation 12:11)


So then, if an individual, or a group within a Church tries to connect the washing of feet to an Ordinance of the church, it is wrong. The washing of feet was to be an illustration of our daily walk, in yielding our will (or flesh) This can only be done by the Holy Spirit. Hence, the representation of the water Christ poured into the bowl. This is a type of the Holy Spirit.


The intent for the washing of feet by the Lord Jesus Christ was to teach His disciples the act of meekness. As it was with them, it is with us now. It had nothing to do with Salvation or the cleansing of sin if we wash one another feet. The evidence is clearly seen in the 13 chapter of the book of John.


The disciple Peter, first reaction was Lord, no, you cannot wash my feet, you are the Master. Nevertheless, when he began to understand the meaning to an extent; notice that he said, Lord wash my head and my hands. (John 13:9) The head represents Salvation, whereas the hands represent our doing. However, Jesus response was, he that is washed (saved) needs not to be washed again (we are saved once) but for the feet – or daily walks, it must be humbly model after the Holy Spirit.


For those who practice the washing of feet as a church Ordinance, their presumption of justification will be the use of (John 13:14), and it reads, If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet; you also ought to wash one another's feet.


However, most errors are brought forth when we stop reading further. The next verse continues by the Lord saying, For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you . . . this was done as an example.

  • What did he do? He humbled Himself as a servant, for their sake.

  • What was the intent of the example? To teach the awareness of the deception of pride that creeps into the believer’s heart at times, it will lead to destruction.

For this we turn to Luke 22:24 - There was also a strife among them, (disciples) which of them should be accounted the greatest.


At this point of time, the disciples who became great men of faith, but for now they struggled with pride, Jesus rebukes them previously. Once again, earlier, the Lord used an illustration by bringing a little child in their midst. He stated that they had to become as little children and refrain to compete and strife among each other as to who will be the master, after He (Christ) is gone.


Do we bring a child in our midst today as a church ceremony because our Lord did? The answer will be no.


The Lord gives these things as an example, by saying, if you know these things, happy are you if you do them.

“These things” spoken of here are not, the bringing of children in our midst for a ceremonial practice, or the washing of feet. Dake sums it up by saying. . . Not washing feet, but services to others who are in need and to those who are the least.

Jul 8, 2018

Yes! That's what I wanted to understand, if it was biblically acceptable. Amen, thank you. To be honest I'm not sure about the origination of feet washing at my church, from what I understand, it is done because Jesus said it is an example to do to others, it was taken at face value that he literally meant for us to do that everytime we had communion since it was done when they broke bread. Wow scales are coming off 😳😄


On another note, I believe you mentioned that feet washing was a custom. When the woman poured the perfume on Jesus feet, the man of the house didn't wash his feet because they considered him unworthy? The feet washing was still performed in homes but it had nothing to do with the breaking of bed, right?


Amen thank you, I'm so happy, next time I will confidently decline and be at peace. 😄

Jul 8, 2018

Amen, I am glad :) God bless you. It is His truth . . . You shall know the Truth and the Truth will make you free.

Jul 8, 2018

The believer's life is like a plant cultivation at times, certain things have to be cut off. When the pruning of a plant is done, it is not a pretty sight. Some will look at you with a holy than you look, as if you have lost you mind, but those unnecessary branches when they are removed, it gives the roots the ability to search deeper in the soil for a healthier plant. A stronger you.

Jul 8, 2018

Amen 😄😄😄😄 realizing, recognizing and acknowledging something as deceptive and turning from it brings great relief and joy. 😄😄 Thank you!

Jul 8, 2018

Amen, don't argue with them, but just enjoy the freedom :)

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Oh no, I won't but it kind of just gives me more reasons not to go, sadly 😞. I don't want to offend God participating in worship that potentially offends Him. And maybe this is wrong of me but for a while now it seems that church service has become redundant, sermons with no truth, music performing stage, etc. Hhm I don't know 😒. There is relief but also a burden for truth, that seems not to be church.

Jul 8, 2018Edited: Jul 8, 2018

You didn't know these things before that is why you've been there. Those things you mentioned, not everyone can sense its presence or absence, but you did. That just shows where you were before, you are not there anymore. Referring to your spiritual growth, it is progressing. All of this didn't happen by coincidence.


Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it.

(1 Thessalonians 5:24)


He'll make a way

Check the link above


This is true "most errors are brought forth when we stop reading further" I been in a church where you must leave your shoes outside because they said Moses took off his shoes in front of the burning bush.

Jul 9, 2018


Let us not forget that these things are the evidence for the lack of the presence of the Lord. So, man and women try to formulate things to mimic what a true fellowship with God is, or His presence. These things are their problems and failures, but they do not represent what the Church is, or ought to be. Let it not cause contempt in us toward Churches. I have been in a Church that use incense to mimic the presence of God, but He is not in their smoke.


Then there are some who advocate, "forsake not the assembling" The importance of the Christian's fellowship. This is true, but what good is an assembly for a fellowship when in a church the people do not even talk with each other, but a crack of a smile to greet one another. Christ is the True church, so let us seek Him more than ever before.

Jul 9, 2018


Amen, be bless, share with others if you can.

Jul 9, 2018

@PSW I was wondering if the feet washing denotes God's love toward his children? For example a parent washing a child's feet because they love him? Um idk how to ask I guess i just mean, what if its done in love and its pleasing to God and done out of love it becomes just another tradition with no purpose?

Jul 9, 2018

@Pink, hmm, although I am not a parent, but if I had to wash my little girl's feet, or my little guy's feet... if their feet is need washing, without a doubt their entire body will need washing haha.


Christ loved them, but he didn't wash their feet because He loves them. The love expressed here was, I am your master, but I want to teach you not to be proud, so even though I am your Master, yet I am washing your feet. An act of meekness.


On the other-hand, those who practice the washing of others feet in the Church, I am pretty sure they do not know anything about the individual feet they washed, they can't really express fondness or true love.


. . .but if a parent wants to wash the child's feet, fine, but it will lead to a bath and go and "clean your room"

Jul 9, 2018

Hahahaha @ "go and clean your room" hahah sigh 😒