Happening Now

Be constantly taking heed therefore how accurately you are conducting yourselves, not as unwise ones but as wise ones

May 15

Vitality from oppression, or the demise from pressure. The lesson from history through the discernment of what is now, and the prevention from what was. Though we cannot undo the past, but if the pas
Nov 29, 2018

Stand on The foundation the Strong foundation before you Obtain the shield, but The shield from within. Coming Soon
Jul 24

With the progression of life, as individuals or collectively as a nation, we progress through trials and errors. Learning from the past for a better tomorrow, while building on a present for a peacefu
Nov 29, 2018

. . . Coming soon, the willful deterioration of family, country and society.
Nov 29, 2018

How the wise is becoming a fool, forgetting they are wise, they compete with the fool.