Apr 10


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I want all my post and account deleted. Do I have to go through each one individually?

Apr 11Edited: Apr 11

I got your email, it takes a lot to undo things in the Forum plus the gap it will make for other users.

@P. S. Wilmot is still not fully active on the site. I was scolded the last time when I addressed the deleting of accounts in public. But I'm sure he won't argue with anyone wanting to remove themselves from the community.


Thank you for once being a part of the community.


Other members please go to the General Discussion and Read the First post then follow the direction.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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  • A member Requested her account and post and contributions to the site be deleted. We are sorry for the inconvenience. The posts will be removed, and they are irretrievable once they are deleted. If you as a member commented on any Post by @Pink or the discussions from those posts were edifying to you, please go over to the posts and copy the sections that you might need.