Apr 22, 2018

Recommended Books


Edited: Mar 23

List of books

  • Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary - 2003 edition

  • Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary Of Old And New Testament Words

  • CH Mackintosh short papers

  • The spirit of God - G Campbell Morgan

  • Brother Swaggart, Here Is My Question

  • A bride for His Son - Lambie

  • A Harmony of the Gospels - A. T. Robertson

List will be updated



Apr 26, 2018

I was wondering if you could give the names of authors you recommend. Thank you.

Apr 27, 2018
@Pink, thank you too. I will shortly. God bless
Jun 24, 2018

I was wondering about this list 😂. I go to thrift stores and look for books but I never know what to look for; there are Christian sections that I go through but there are so many authors and books, that I never know which one to pick. Sometimes I end up bringing books that are like new age stuff and I don't like that.

Jun 24, 2018

I like The Pilgrims Progress but I don't have a hard copy, just reading a digital version (dislike 😒). I like the allegories and the names used lol.

@P. S. Wilmot After one professor talked about it, I read and found it’s well worth the time and effort. The journey all the way is description of human life.

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Jun 25, 2018

Haha, I will try to remember to follow up on the list. Yes, most most digital are awful, although not on this site :)

Jun 25, 2018

Thanks and oh no, not here 😊

Jul 7, 2018

I will start the list -.- 😊 and just an update, I found the Pilgrims Progress paperback copy at a good deal. 😁


John Bunyan

Mar 16

Thank you for updating the list 😊

You are welcome :) Everyone kind of forgot about this part of the Forum 🙂

Mar 16

@P. S. Wilmot not me, I've been waiting. I wasn't sure, if you'd get to it though Haha

@Pink Good 🙂 there is a section .. right study materials, it will be used to talk about the books etc and just not a list, so it gives a little insight about them :)

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  • So I was watching a YouTube video about Gnosticism found in the NIV bible etc and well in the comments someone mentioned that the publisher for the NIV bible and satan's book (I don't want to call it bible -.-) is the same publisher and indirectly they are. Zondervan is the publisher for the NIV bible whose parent company is HarperCollins and Avon (parent company is also HarperCollins) published the first edition of satan's book then William Morrow, a sister company published in 2015 a hardcover of satan's book whose parent company is also HarperCollins, whose parent company is NewsCorp formally known as News Corporation who happens to own many other publishing and media companies etc. Anyways, I was thinking that's it's kind of scary, sad really because I don't want to give my money to companies that will promote, distribute satanic literature while at the same time print and distribute "Christian" literature. Makes you wonder 😒 at least for me it does 😔
  • Building a personal library from scratch, a book at a time. There are many ways knowledge is accumulated. Despite modern innovations, books remain one of the primary ways of accumulating knowledge. Virtually in every home there is a book, or there you will find multiple books. A book is like a tool, and a tool is only useful when it is rightly used. Or else its purpose is for decoration or ornamentation. With that being said, without further ado, let's continue to the reason for this topic. Which is, Building a personal library from scratch. One book at a time . The first thing not to do is, waiting to get a lot of money to buy many books to start your library. It is better to start with one book, a book you can read through than having three or more books you’re likely are not going to read. Selecting the books The way in which you select the books for your library will determine how fast your library will expand and what kind of library you will have. You will have to select a topic or subject to study. From there, you can start to look for books dealing with that given subject or topic. This will cause your library to grow without any further effort. Places of purchase Not all books you will find in a shrink-wrap, so most books will come from the unlikeliest of places. Locally or online. Searching online will put a vast index of books at your exposure. However, it is good and bad. For you can't really know the condition of the book until you take it out of the box. Organizing and caring for your books We all start by having one or two books on the night-stand, then coffee table. Those books usually end up in a box. Which usually is not the best place to keep a book or books. Instead of waiting to have 20 or more books before buying a bookshelf. You can start with a bookshelf by only having one or two books. Though it is not pleasing to the sight for a book lover, but it will be a reminder to fill those empty shelves up. Standing the book upright on the shelf is the best choice, this will cause less surface area of the book to be exposed, thereby reducing the dust impact of the book. While giving you an easy view of the title of the book, on its spine. Standing the books upright will cause a natural support from the other books on the shelf by keeping the spine firm for a long time. Standing the book upright will cause air to flow through the pages, a natural defense against mole and stench. Also, this will give you an easy access to clean and dust the head of the book. Reading your books Although the books on a bookshelf is a beautiful display, but reading them through and often is more beneficiary for the accumulation of knowledge. In the presence of your book, you'll get to travel back in time or to the future. The more you read your books, after your favorite authors, therein you will find references to other books and writers your favorite authors read after. This will prompt an easy transition to other writers and books you will find familiar to your collection of books. The edification of reading The knowledge possessed through reading must be a knowledge use in wisdom. However, we know that not all things read in a book we can enact right away. For that which can edify, may it edify us. Although all things cannot be enact right away, but we can take notes of that which we read. Through this, reading is more than a luxury time, but an edification for the betterment of the reader. Through the taking of personal notes. Conclusion As a Christian, all things in my library are built upon the Book of all books, the Bible . For many non-Christians, their view of a Christian is that of a simpleton. Nevertheless, our God, in His wisdom chooses to reveal Himself, and communicate to mankind, not through superstitions, but by reading through His word. This in itself, is the evidence of the importance of reading. Therefore, take heed to what you read. You can hear a conversation and walk away without an impact to your being. You can see a visual presentation without yielding to that which you see. But when you open a book, it is a silent agreement to open your soul to that which is written therein. For the better or for the worse.